Week 4 Challenge

This week 4 challenge (go global) has inspired me to write about a major ordeal that humans face in modern times.

One major current problem in our world today is clean water:  with every 20 seconds passing, a child dies due to a water- related illness and women have to travel 200 million miles everyday to collect water for their families that may not even be sanitary.

Organizations that help:  water.org and globalwater.org

Water.org delivers water and sanitation solutions to the villages that they attempt to help.

Globalwater.org creates safer water supplies, sanitation facilities and hygiene-related facilities for rural villagers living in developing nations.

A way you can help: simply donate to the organizations above or any other organizations that help rid our world of unclean water.

Will you answer the call for help?


One thought on “Week 4 Challenge

  1. I think your post was so inspirational and moving, and clean water really is a big problem, those people need help. Thanks for the inspiration!

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